Delivering a 360° View of the Global Customer

Fragmented Data Leads to Incoherent Customer Experiences. Delight Your Customers Through Better Data, No Matter Where in the World They Are.



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Building the 360o Single Customer View, How to Get Started.

Learn how to establish a quality benchmark with an expert Data Quality Assessment.

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Accurate CRM Data at Global Scale.

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Accu360® is a cloud solution that cleanses, harmonizes, enriches, and centralizes customer data across POS, e-commerce, marketing, email, direct mail, loyalty & events touch points across 240+ countries.

We provide global brands with an accurate, single view of the customer so that the enterprise can drive business analytics and deliver superior experience.


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Customer-centricity Requires Accurate Data

Accu360 is the only provider who can deliver a Customer 360 integration quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal risk to the client.

Fragmented, poor-quality data leads to incoherent customer experiences, eroding the brand, reducing sales and margins, and reducing brand’s value.

Accu360-Improving-Data-Quality-For-A-Better-Customer-Experience CoverThe Ultimate Guide to Data Quality.

Learn how some of the worlds most successful brands use Accu360 to generate a 360-degree Single Customer View, and optimize the customer experience.

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Global-Z’s services are GDPR compliant and built on the ISO 27001:2013 framework for information security management.



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